Total arse at karate.

June 21, 2009

I know I just made a post about AC, But I thought I would tell you about this. Looking back at my life I’ve had loads of bad points socializing. Take that time when that kid made a comment about my hair. When I look back at all those moment I look at it as “Ah, well, they are just children and teens… In the world we live in they are assy to everyone“… then this fucked up thing happened at Karate this Friday.

Ok, So we was sparing, which means when you practicing fighting with each other, Since a Mid 20’s to Mid 30’s year old man was sitting out due to a “Bad hand” the number of people going against each other was odd.

Ever since he joined (He is fairly new, He has only been to the same class as me twice and is on the same grade of belt as me, He has only met me one other time other than this moment) I knew he had something against me, He was always quiet and he kicked way fucking hard, He even pushed a kid down… a child… a small child, he didn’t contain his strength not even for a child…

Anyway, Back to what happened, I was sitting next to this guy, since I didn’t have anyone to fight I then Jokingly said “Its because we are so tough, that’s why we are sitting out” as a simple joke, I didn’t say it in any offense way or nothing, I was just trying to brake the ice. He then replied to me rudely “Do you ever shut up?”. I hadn’t even said once word to this guy and when I say one sentence to him he asks me to “shut up”!?

I was gob smacked… I didn’t know weather to respond to that, much like I wouldn’t hesitate to respond to that if it was on the internet… I then thought about my current dream job of being a redcoat and decided not to say anything…

This part is so stupid and wrong its hard to even type it. He then just farted and was like “SCOOZE ME”. Then I was tempted to say “Wtf you cunt, was you raised in some kind of fuck farmed barn? Did you ever learn manners? I wonder why you need to learn Karate!? With an attitude like that I bet you get fucking shit beaten out of you every day” But, again I kept it in.

I didn’t feel like Karate anymore after that… But I joined in anyway, I didn’t want him to think he had weakened me, even though he had. When the lesson was over, I made sure I got his name, I made fucking sure I got his ass name, “Phil” if any of you are wondering. Due to this asses attitude I’m not going back to Karate, The next day was my grading to be orange belt too, Missed that due to this asses rudeness, knowing he would be there…

But I do have a plan, Next Friday I’m not going to go in with my Gui, might even go in with my Dad or some shit to make it look more intimidating and serious.. But we will say something like “I’m quitting Karate, Mainly because of the Rudeness of some members and how you cant keep something that is general child base under control, And when an adult is the one to be the immature one you know you have a problem” I’m hoping we get a phone call and stuff, and maybe the class will sort that dick out.

On a serious note, I’ve lost all my confidence for socializing now, Its been 2-3 days and I keep randomly thinking about what that ass said… That’s never happened to me before… No comment from anyone has stuck that hard. And it really brings me down when I think about it too…

Well whatever, I will keep you updated.



Finally, I have gained the courage to start AC again, Although it was painful it was worth it, My town is by far better than it was last time and it is indeed getting better. If anyone knew of this news before it was posted here they would be aware of my last version of this town simply called “BETA 0.1”. It wasn’t quite a town yet, but some buildings had been moved and some of the acres edited.

But now, I bring you… Mikeleas BETA 1.0.

Ok, So here is whats new:

Then name for the town has been decided as Mikeleas, To match this here blog, My site and forum.

Much like my older town, I have placed most buildings and houses in one spot. Inducing all the naghibor houses at the top left hand corner, and all the buildings and my house at the bottom right hand corner, along with the gate, so it is easy to access the common things as soon as you enter my town.

Trees have been added, and more scattered unlike the my last town, where they where closer together. Not far away from the Forest is a little rock maze, This was just a test, But its interesting to see what you can do when it comes to laying rocks down.

There is much more to explore, So many interesting little things, I couldn’t get pictures of it all, presides… that would ruin the fun if you come visit. One more thing that you may be interested to know… The ‘Topia is back.

Alright, So here is some things that May be added to the Next update:

Edited town members and Edited names.

Filled spaces, for empty spots like this one.

More Rock mazes like the one seen above.

Item request system back from old town.

House bigger and better.

That’s all got now, If you want my AC FC ask for my MSN and I will give it to you there.

For now, Laterdays


June 17, 2009

Hey people, I’m back with another Sexy blog post.

Man, Not much been going on around the Internets lately. Banned on CPC, CPHQ is dead, CP is boring, No other intresting Online games, Brawl is tiring, Other games suck/need more wi-fi… Worst of all one of my best friends that keeps me entertained has gone missing again. Its been about and week now and know show from the Ninman.

I just need something fun and new too do, But nothing is sparking my interest at the moment… I’m trying to work on Mikeleas but I need a way to advertise it without it being spammed… I’ve asked are remaining users to simply share with their friends… But that hasn’t done much…

So, Now we wait in till some kind of new thing for me to get into comes around, and in till then;


New found love~

June 9, 2009

Haha, not posted in a while, I’ve not done much ether, Just forums and crap. Now I’m banned on CPC… About time, lol. All I did was troll there…

Anyway, I found my Copy of “Extremely Goofy Skateboarding”. I used to play it a lot as a kid, and so I put it in and WHOA, Mega childhood flash back, Good times. It could be the high of the good times, but that game is just AWESOME!

So yeah, Excuse the lack of posts and stuff… But for now, Laterdays.

Greetings good friends

Using my whit I decided to make a crap-tastic free site, with its own Blog (here), Forum, Chat (Coming soon) and more!

So, What you waiting for and come to the site now!

Check out the Menu to see all the awesome stuff.


Ironically, Today I went to that oh-so magical place again, Outiside.

And I hated it, I went to see my nan and Auntie and Cousins, my nan don’t live too far so I walked. On the way there some boy from across the road, The kind of kid who has no money, lives off the government, has no manners or common sense what so ever, you know the kind?

Well, I just passed him and he starting saying to his gay little gal-pals “That guy needs a hair cut”, Then just shouted it to my face… I was like… wtf… I just said “At least I don’t need plastic surgery”, Then I remembered about kids in the real world and how retarded everyone is… So I just rushed off after saying that, Listing to them chatter on and shit…

When I got to my nan’s it was so fookin’ boring, no really, I wasn’t even wanted after a while… We played catch with a stupid fucking stress ball, No one could even throw right and we was playing a stupid fucking game no one could win, Since no one here could handle loosing.

That got boring and we went back inside, only to get more bored, making the kids loose their respect and ask to go home… while I was still there and everything… You see, I was only suppose to meet at my nan’s then head off to my aunties house, where there where things to do. But no, even though thats what my auntie said on the phone and even to her own kids we stayed there, bored… Because one of them was sick and the other had homework.

The kid was faking, and lets face it sister; your kid isn’t doing no fucking homework, me there or not.

I got back and thought about relaxing after that borefest, read some Manga in the sun… then I just thought about how stupid and cruel the outside world is… I stayed inside instead…

On that note; Laterdays people.

Well, After I got rage at AC braking a second time and at all the noobs on brawl I became a sitting duck, Just doing nothing, talking to people and going on “Club penguin” forums…

So, I saw my dad doing the garden on Saturday, I helped him with it for a change, I done a pretty good job with my “Shovel of doom”.

The next say we thought we done such a good job we had a B.B.Q, So I went to the shops to get stuff… And we had are B.B.Q while watching TV… Ironic isn’t it, Cooked outside but we eat inside anyway…
I then sat outside reading Manga…

so today we had another B.B.Q, But this time I was set out to say out there longer. I wanted to plant some flowers for some reason, So when my family went out I asked them to pick some up for me,I planted flowers for like the first time ever… Then when dad was doing the B.B.Q I sat and had some Red bulls and read my Manga, Then we ate…

But then I sat out in till 10 with my sister, just loling at everything.

The moral of this here blog post:

Stop reading and go outside and have random fun.

…and now dead.

May 28, 2009

In my feeble attempt to make a rock maze on AC I have broken my Data, Causing a corruption. Some time between now and Tomorrow I will reset, making a new town. It will be a lot more hax.

I will be sure to post my new FC and stuff.

In till then, Laterdays.

I’m alive.

May 25, 2009

I’m not on AC Wi-fi as much as I used to be. I did go on this one time and saw my good old friend Louis on the other day, I went to his town and stuff… I remember the good ol’ days when we used to flame Itzels friends… good times.

Anyway, I thought I would send him a letter, Letting him know I’m alive on AC.
So I went to Nooks and got me some paper.
Paper costs too much nowadays.
I wrote my awesome letter and then thought it needed a present, I knew just what to get him
So I went over the magical flower garden…
Dug up Louis a badass magical hack chair.
Added it to my awesome letter… Making it an awesome badass letter.
OMFG FLY!!!!111!1!!
Then I thought it would be more awesome to give him the letter in his town!
Then I realized it was 12:00pm… and no one is ever on at 12…
So, Then I went to the Busstophall place…
…then I have Pelly my letter

And… That’s pretty much what I did on AC… Next time I will make sure I take more interesting pictures…

In till then, Laterdays.

Hentai on Slabovia.

May 22, 2009

Slabovia (SlabSpace) is a site which is based on a fake place called “Slabovia”. Its pretty inactive and… kinda dull, Its fun in its own little way, Doing the classic “hail stupid things” act and addressing everyone as “Comrades”… Where we must all hail the “General” for he is the leader of Slabovia… Or something like that.

Its hard to tell what category or age group they aim for… But yeah, They have their own educational shows on TV (Not on anymore) so I guess its for young children, but jokes are aimed at teens, But adults seems to find it on to the site as well… Its all very confusing.

Anyway, Getting to the point. We have this dried up non-active website… the last thing people would want to spam with porn… And yet someone manages to do it! The internet nowadays… The person who spammed the pictures wasn’t English, he spoke some since he was acting pervy and strange on the girls photos…

Anyway, I took two screen shots. Enjoy.

Screen shot one.

Screen shot two.

The General’s reply.